Village of Bruce

Bruce, Wisconsin

Industrial Land Site Map

Xcel Energy’s Electric Distribution Capacity

The Village of Bruce is served with electric distribution from the Trails End substation. The Trails End substation voltage is 69kv-23.9kv, with a 10.5MVA substation transformer. The peak load at the substation is 4.4MVA, with 6.1MVA of capacity available. The 23.9kv distribution voltage is excellent for motor starting and serving large loads over longer distances.

The Bruce Industrial Park site, located just northwest of the intersection of USH 8, and STH 40, is 5.5 circuit miles from the substation.

A  summary of mainline conductor sizing is as follows:
0.6 miles of 336 ACSR
0.5 miles of 2/0 ACSR
0.5 miles of 336 ACSR
3.9 miles of 2/0 ACSR
Total of 5.5 circuit miles from the substation to the Industrial Park.

Three phase electric distribution facilities are approximately 2 spans away (+/-500’) from the Industrial Park property.
Extension costs will vary depending upon new electric loads requiring service. Per PSCW tariffs, electric extension costs are offset by load credits which are applied to chargeable distribution facility costs. Future costs can be calculated based upon new connected load, locations of new customer(s) within the industrial park, and existing tariffs.

The Village of Bruce’s Industrial Park is a gigabit industrial park with gigabit internet service availability.

Gigabit broadband speed spreads throughout state