Village of Bruce

Bruce, Wisconsin


Monday, October 2nd, 2023

6:30 p.m., at Bruce Village Hall

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, a Public Hearing will be held at the above time and place.


Brief Description:

The Water Filtration Project, Water Treatment Plant, which entails a new transmission main connecting Well #3 to the water treatment plant at Well #1, street reconstruction, curb, gutter, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, and connections.

Sewer Line Replacement Project on East Arthur Avenue (within easements)

Open Floor

Determination and Finalization of Special Assessments:

Water Filtration Project:
The assessments for the 2012 North Main Street Phase I Project were: $30.00/ lineal foot for sewer and $35.00/lineal foot for water.  These 2012 numbers were adjusted upward for inflation to $46.77 per foot for water and to $40.09 per foot for sewer for the 2021 Phase II project. Likewise adjusting these numbers upwards for inflation using the WI DOT Fisher Construction Cost Index multiplier from the first quarter of 2012 to the last quarter of 2022 is a multiplier of 1.649.  Therefore, the per foot assessment cost for sewer and water will be adjusted upwards as follows:

•           Water: $35.00 x 1.649 = $57.71 per foot for water

•           Sewer: $30.00 x 1.649 = $49.47 per foot for sewer

The Sewer Line Replacement Project on River Avenue was determined at actual costs of the project.
•   Total Project Costs – $37,500.00 / 1088’ = $34.47 per foot for sewer

The Sewer Line Replacement Project on East Arthur Avenue: The Village of Bruce has determined that this project does not meet a standard sewer project regarding the details of assessment. The normal assessment procedure bases assessments in full block increments, by the foot, actual cost and to both sides of the street. Therefore, in order to be fair and consistent, the Village has decided to equitably assess this project using the recent River Avenue per foot sewer cost of $49.47 divided equally between the three parcels being served by this sewer line.
•   Total Project Costs – $10,388.70 / 3 = $3,462.90 per resident for sewer

Amend/Approve/Adopt Original Assessments for Water Filtration Project:

Approve/Adopt Assessments for River Avenue Sewer Line Replacement Project:

Approve/Adopt Assessments for Sewer Line Replacement Project on East Arthur Avenue:


AGENDA DRAFTED BY-Jessica Hayes, Clerk/Treasurer; Shane Trott, Village President.

Dated this September 30th, 2023