Village of Bruce

Bruce, Wisconsin


Property Assessment Determination under Police Power for Village of Bruce Water Filtration Project

                                                        April 3rd, 2023
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a scheduled Public Hearing was held on Monday, April 3rd, 2023.

Village President Shane Trott presided and called to order the meeting at the Village Hall facility at 6:30 p.m. Board members present were Kim Grasley, Darlene Wundrow, Jim Johnson, Galen Brainerd and Mark Zimmer. Clerk/Treasurer Jessica Hayes, Public Works Director Casey Gudis and Larry Gotham of Morgan & Parmley, Ltd attended also.

A sign in sheet was circulated and all attendees of the meeting signed.

Brief Project Description:  The Water Filtration Project/Water Treatment Plant: which entails a new transmission main connecting Well #3 to the water treatment plant at Well #1, street reconstruction, curb, gutter, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, water main and connections.

Tim Deflorian of Deflorian Chiropractic in Bruce attended the meeting and asked for an explanation of the project more in depth from the Board. Trott explained to him that the line from Well # 3 will be ran to the west end of the transmission main and then Well #1 will be ran to the east end of the transmission main, connecting both lines. Then the water treatment plant will then be installed in the Village Shop at where Well #1 is currently located. Wundrow assured him that he would not be assessed for any portion of the transmission main, only the water and sewer laterals going by his property and connection back to his curb box.. Gotham informed him that the Village would only be assessing for water and sewer at a percentage of actual cost, unlike most towns, who assess for water, sewer, sidewalk, gutter, curb, etc., at full cost.
Jim Kahl, owner of the old Blacksmith Shop asked the Board how long the project will take. Gotham informed him that it shouldn’t take more than three weeks as it is not a large project.
Residents affected by the project will only be without water during the project when the contractors are working on the property’s curb stand. Long term time without water should not be an issue. The whole Village will be affected at some point during the project, as far as being without water, because there is only one pipe that goes to the water tower and it will be getting replaced, but a temporary connection will be made to provide residents with water during that time.
Kahl discussed his worry with the Board about being able to have access to his building during the time of construction. He does not want the street to be torn up for weeks on end as that will have an affect with his work. Gotham informed him that the road would need to be dug up twice, once for the water and once for the sewer and that it should only be for a day each time. Kahl is worried about damage to his concrete that could possibly be hooked to the foundation of his building. He said he would install posts to mark the area so it was clearly visible for the contractors.
Lastly, Deflorian asked about the slope of the road when it rains. Gotham said it will be pitched to drain in the field to the west of the Village Hall.

Determination and Finalization of Special Assessments:
The assessments for the 2012 North Main Street Phase I Project were: $30.00/ lineal foot for sewer and $35.00/lineal foot for water.  These 2012 numbers were adjusted upward for inflation to $46.77 per foot for water and to $40.09 per foot for sewer for the 2021 Phase II project. Likewise adjusting these numbers upwards for inflation using the WI DOT Fisher Construction Cost Index multiplier from the first quarter of 2012 to the last quarter of 2022 is a multiplier of 1.649.  Therefore, the per foot assessment cost for sewer and water will be adjusted upwards as follows:

•           Water: $35.00 x 1.649 = $57.71 per foot for water •           Sewer: $30.00 x 1.649 = $49.47 per foot for sewer

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Brainerd to approve the payment schedule for the assessments the same as the most recent project that has been completed, the North Main Street Reconstruction project, which would be assessments due by December 31st, 2023 without interest, unpaid special assessments will be put on the tax roll with an interest charged at 2.5% per annum on the unpaid balance, special assessments may be paid in full or placed on the tax roll for a period of ten years, a minimum payment of $500.00 is due by December 31st, 2023, carried.  

Motion by Zimmer, seconded by Grasley to approve the assessment amounts in the amount of $154,387.43, per Morgan & Parmley’s Property Assessment Evaluation tabulation sheet, carried.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Grasley to adjourn, carried.
The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.